The Wine

The WineWine is one of the most important reasons to visit the Osteria.

Our cellar has been carefully curated over the last nine years with some very unique and unusual wines imported from the renowned collection of our sister restaurant in Italy, not ordinarily available in the UK.

Stored in a glass-fronted cantina and a centrepiece of the restaurant, our experienced Sommelier Maurizio Titone and his team will be able to help you to choose some excellent wines to complement your food. Our special dispensers are also able to store eight bottles of wine in an oxygen free environment, enabling you to try some very fine wines by the glass. Please ask us about this.

Sample red wine list

Sample white wine list

"There's a fine range by the glass with weekly promotions highlighting different regions. More than 70 wines under £30 mean there's real choice for all. Classic Italy is well represented, but there are discoveries from lesser known areas, too"
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The Wine
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